Warriors Sword

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May require up to 4 months lead time.
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Product Description

The Warriors Sword is a fully functional weapon of war. Handmade by craftsmen who are in the battle themselves, it is a symbol of a man whose heart has Nothing to Hide, Nothing to Prove, and Nothing to Fear as he steps up to fight for the hearts of others. The Zoweh heart emblazoned on the high carbon steel blade testifies to the True Heart of a Warrior. The Imagery on the pommel represents a man who, like one of the knights of old, has earned a seat at the table. He is a warrior at home, at work, and wherever God may lead him.

This sword is intended for men who are in the Warrior Stage of their masculine journey. It is a symbol and affirmation of who they are. This sword is not intended for those who have not yet come into the Warrior Stage, nor for Kings and Elder-Sages. For Kings and Elder-Sages, please see the Kings Sword.

Please note: each sword may require up to 4 months lead time.

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