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King Me: Loving and Leading in a Wounding World

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Every man has a kingdom. Not every king rules well. You can.

Like a living piece in life’s checker game, you are moving across the board toward your time of greatest authority and impact. But what kind of king will you be?

In King Me, Michael Thompson guides you through the six stages of the masculine journey in order to release you forward, oriented and equipped. Continuing beyond where The Heart of a Warrior left off, Michael kindly and wisely invites you to uncover your story, see the wounds of your past, and be initiated into the glory in your heart. Through healing encounters and validating experiences with God, you can learn to wield love as your greatest Kingdom weapon and provide a kingdom where hearts are free.

You are invited to become a man after God’s own heart. You are always one move away from becoming more and advancing goodness, or becoming less and compromising your kingdom.

It’s your move.



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    FINISH WELL my brothers

    Posted by Jason Gaede on Apr 26th 2023

    Although I have read many books, few have actually impacted my life. Almost none have been life changing with a few exceptions: - Dave Ramsey’s The Total Money Makeover - John Maxwell’s 21 Irrefutable Lows of Leadership - John Eldredge’s Walking with God - John Bevere’s Bait of Satan - And Micheal’s second book The Heart of a Warrior In the above, I learned about how to manage finances (it worked), how to lead folks (it worked), what being offended truly does (it worked), how to have true relationship with God (its working but I still have a ways to go :-). However, only one of these has helped me understand my challenge (being wounded) and purpose (being one of God’s warriors) in this conflicted world; The Heart of a Warrior. I learned that: - I was wounded which kept me out of the fight. - God is working to fix this in me if I understand that and allow Him to do this work in me. - I am beloved by our Savior, Jesus. God relabeled me “treasured” replacing my old label, “rejected”. - being a warrior, a soldier in God’s Army if you will, means helping others to reclaim their hearts and join the fight or as a word that I shared with a close friend of mine, “Brotherhood for me, brotherhood for you!” Michael’s latest book, King Me, takes what I learned in Heart of a Warrior to the next level. This book has helped me to understand how to be a better small “k” king in my small “k” kingdom by helping me realize that my father was a wounded man, and wounded folks wound others. For example, as I was reading Chapter 12 “Becoming You”, God helped me to realize that I had never forgiven my father for the wounding he caused in my life. The Holy Spirit helped me to understand that my dad did love me but the wounds from his childhood had manifested into my life. “Forgive him Jason” I heard. I did and for the first time in a long time, I started thinking about my father differently, more positively…the unforgiveness was lifted off of me. Not sure where this will take me just yet but I clearly understand this is part of my healing process. Thank you Michael for once again writing and sharing life changing information. I am a changed man, and my relationship with the Lord is improving daily. Through reading your books and exploring them with my brothers @ Hope Church’s Men Ministry, I am becoming oriented and more prepared to truly become the warrior that God intended me to be . To all of this I say Amen and Amen.

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    An insightful revelation of God's word for masculinity

    Posted by D Besh on Apr 26th 2023

    I grew up in the church my whole life and have always struggled with my identity in God. Always being told and believing that what I had to offer was never good enough, I never stopped believing, but I had no vision or passion. Now, in my late 50's, I feel like I'm just beginning to learn how to live and walk in the glory that God created me for. Men NEED to get their hearts back in these dark and difficult times. Michael has brought to light in his newest book, King Me, so many foundational truths I wish I would have been taught as a child. Learning and believing that we have been created for so much more than what society has come to expect from men has given me a new purpose in life.

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    The next step

    Posted by Dan Fin on Apr 26th 2023

    This book is the perfect follow up to Heart of a warrior. What comes after you discover who you are and become oriented. The ability to influence your kingdom for the greater kingdoms glory. Well done!

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    ‘King Me’ helps us understand the stages of manhood and how to finish strong.

    Posted by Rob Crawford on Apr 26th 2023

    Michael has a great writing style, using popular movies and books as examples in the points he is explaining to us. This is the third books of his that I’ve read, ‘Search and Rescue’ and ‘HeArt of a Warrior’ are also great studies for men’s group discussions. His organization offers addition content like podcasts, study guides, and four day encounter/ workshops. Michael doesn’t want to sell books, he wants to guide men to live more like Jesus, with: Nothing to Hide Nothing to Prove Nothing to Fear It’s you move………..

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    Another amazing book by michael

    Posted by Matthew Higgins on Apr 26th 2023

    Man, if you need some guidance in your elder/sage stage of life here it is. His knowledge of the bible and how we can use it in our daily lives and the reassurance that we are seen and loved by our true Heavenly Father. Another awesome book by the one and only Michael Thompson. If you haven't read his other books, you still should check this one out!

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    If you only read one book this year, this is a MUST read

    Posted by Mark White on Apr 26th 2023

    Wow, I have been challenged, exhorted, totally pulled into more! Can’t put this book down!!!

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    A true “wake-up call”

    Posted by Bob Reese on Apr 26th 2023

    Hey guys …. This is a “must have”In your library. It’s time to share the truth!

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    Phenomenal book !!!

    Posted by John Stachler on Apr 26th 2023

    This book has it all for a man living in a broken world! So much material that is key to one’s development .

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    This is a fantastic book!

    Posted by Nicholas Harris on Apr 26th 2023

    This book is just what I need for this point in my life right now.

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    Needed Message Across Generations

    Posted by Ron G on Apr 26th 2023

    The King Me concept of navigating a life game of checkers. Moves across the board, achieving kingship, and claiming new power and influence. As an older Michael Thompson reader it resounded with me. My game of life is not over. I'm not retired, I'm redeployed. I can still be in the game. I also ordered copies for my son and grandson. The message crosses generational lines and is vitally needed in the cultural and spiritual battles we face each day. I know my copy of King Me will be as worn, highlighted, and dog-eared as my other Michael Thompson books.

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    Posted by Rob. B on Apr 26th 2023

    What a valuable resource for men wanting to come alive! The who's the what's and why's of a man's identity, both the good and the not so good, clearly revealed. This book has many of the tools that will equip men to step into the battle for their heart! Absolutely love it, into the fray for the hearts of men!

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