King Me, a new book by Michael Thompson is now available for purchase here.

In all our lives, things get lost. Tools, clothes, papers, reports and assignments all get lost. When things get lost, our emotions can range from the low grade nagging and frustration we feel about being inconvenienced, to the frantic and even deep sense of loss or despair we experience when what is lost is precious.


When people get lost, there is a shockwave released within a family or a community and the all points bulletins recruit anyone and everyone to join in the massive search and rescue. Why so large an upgrade of emotions when people are lost? It is because of the priceless value of relationships and the significance they hold for life.


This is what has happened in our story. We all get lost, and this is the backdrop of Search and Rescue: The Life and Love That Is Looking for You… are you ready to be found?!